Turn a Birthday Into a Worthday!

Make a birthday even better by knowing a child in foster care was celebrated because of you!


Turn Your Birthday Into A Worthday

In a world where some people have more than enough, and others not enough, an easy way to give back is to use your birthday to sponsor a birthday of a young person in foster care, collect donations or collect items that we are often in need of. This can be done by creating a Facebook fundraiser to support us, by having a party where attendees are asked to bring gifts for our organization or by simply asking friends to bring donations in lieu of gifts for you at your party.

We can provide cards with information about Worthdays that can be included with hard copy party invitations or cards that can be provided at the party with information about Worthdays if you are using an electronic invite.

For electronic invites for a party with purpose, we would encourage you to use language similar to this:

In lieu of gifts for the party (girl/boy), we are asking that (gifts/donations) are made in their honor to an organization named Worthdays that celebrates kids in our local foster care system. We are excited that because of (name)’s birthday other children in our local foster care system will know the joy of birthdays! Learn more about Worthdays by visiting www.worthdays.org and www.facebook.com/worthdays1

If you would like to use Facebook to create a birthday fundraiser to support Worthdays, please follow this link to learn more about how to complete this easy process that benefits the children we serve.

We believe that for kids, especially, it is important to engage the child in making decisions about how best to support Worthdays through their birthday so that they feel part of the process and more committed to the idea of donating gifts to us. We are able to be flexible and work with you to come up with the best plan for donations!


For an 8th birthday, this little girl collected dolls of varying skin colors to donate to Worthdays. This allowed our organization to include a doll in birthday boxes of young children we served.

Other ideas of tangible items you can collect for our organization:

  • Gift cards (to any big box store such as Wal-mart, Amazon, etc)

  • Sports equipment such as footballs, basketball, etc

  • Electronics such as ear buds, headphones

  • Any gift that teenagers enjoy

Click the button above to email us about current needs at the time of your donation.


For his 5th birthday, this little guy used his birthday to accept donations for a specific child in foster care. In order to use your birthday for a specific child we will need to assign you a child that has an upcoming birthday that will fit your timeframe.

  1. Ask that each attendee at the party brings a monetary donation and then allow your child (or you!) to shop for the child using this money.

  2. Share some basic information about the child being sponsored to attendees and ask that they bring a gift that would best suit that child.

  3. Use a form such as www.signupgenius.com and have attendees signup for a specific item to ensure all needed items are covered.