About Worthdays


Worthdays is a completely volunteer-led and supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Richmond, Virginia that is truly only possible because of the generosity and kindness of our community! Our mission is to ensure that those impacted by the foster care system know that they are important, worthy and celebrated. Through the excitement of celebrating, we are engaging our community in a way that raises awareness and increases positive outcomes for our local foster care system! Through partnerships with local Department’s of Social Services we are able to meet some of the very basic needs of kids in our foster care system while also using every opportunity possible to send the message that ‘you are so worth it’!

While our dream would be that there would no longer be a need for foster care, we are all too familiar with the realities that are faced by those impacted by our community and the foster care system. At the end of the day, this system is broken and our communities often are not aware or engaged in meeting the many needs of this population. There is much work to be done to improve the outcomes for the children faced with this system. In the meantime, we believe that one of the most universal needs of all children and youth is to feel wanted and worthy. Throughout the last 4 years, we have done everything possible to make this a reality and improve the well-being of our local foster care system through the generosity of our community!


Worthdays focuses on these three main areas:



That children in foster care consistently have opportunities to feel successful and ‘normal’ through hobbies and activities that they enjoy. That they never have to carry their belongings in a trash bag again.

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That every child impacted by the child welfare system in Virginia is celebrated on the important days of their lives surrounded by those who unconditionally love them. Birthdays, holidays, graduations, first day of college and beyond.

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That our community is aware of and engaged in meeting the needs of the foster care system while amplifying the voices of those who have been impacted by the system to make positive change!


These are big goals but through the kindness of strangers, the teamwork of local businesses, engagement of community leaders and groups and the involvement of children - we think they are attainable! What would this look like? Picture siblings who are separated in the foster care system being able to help each other blow out birthday candles together. It means that youth in foster care are able to play on their local basketball teams or star in the upcoming play at their school. It's a local DJ who donates his old turntables to a young man preparing for adulthood and teaching him the tricks of the trade. Envision families stepping up to become foster families for youth in their neighborhoods or schools. Think of parents whose children are in foster care being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their children for the very first time and volunteers modeling just the right way to make a turkey. Or maybe it's a local Girl Scouts troop coming alongside girls in foster care who need new friends during a hard time. It's kids who are lonely realizing they are important because someone actually remembered their birthday on the year when they thought everyone had forgotten! It's all of this and so much more!