Worthdays for the Holidays

A conspiracy of love in RVA for kids in our local foster care system

We are so excited that you are interested in being a part of our Worthdays for the Holidays program. Our organization celebrates children and youth in our local foster care system who otherwise would not be celebrated on important days in their lives. For the holidays, this means that the children we will serve do not have family members or caregivers that will ensure they are celebrated. We were made aware that one of our local referral agencies, which happens to have the most kids in foster care in the whole state, has no organization or help celebrating their kids for the holidays so we have decided to change this! Help us bring JOY to these children during this holiday season!

Many of the the children we will serve live in group homes, treatment centers, programs that support them in transitioning to living on their own or programs for teen parents. Some of the children we serve have parents who are in foster care themselves or are transitioning to being reunified with their parents in time for the holidays. For the children and youth we serve, the only support system they have is a network of government agencies. Whatever the circumstance is for these children, it is our plan to ensure they experience the joy of the holiday season! With that being said, we are so excited that you want to join us in sending the message that no matter what they are worthy of being celebrated.

We are planning to celebrate 150+ children in the City of Richmond’s foster care program which means we will need a lot of help. That is a whole lot of JOY to spread but we know with the help of the community we can pull this off. Whether you are able to help with a $5 donation or sponsor a child for the holiday, your commitment and giving to our organization is so important!

Click on the pictures below to learn more about how you can help make this possible: