sponsor a local child in foster care for the holidays

Worthdays has partnered with Richmond City Department of Social Services to ensure that no child in their foster care system goes without being celebrated this holiday season.

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Our program will serve children and youth in RVA’s local foster care system who otherwise will not be celebrated this holiday season. Most of the children we serve do not have family members to celebrate them this holiday season. Many of the children we will serve live in group homes or treatment centers, live with a kinship family or will be celebrating with their teenage parent who is in foster care. We will serve lots of teenagers and some infants, those who celebrate Christmas and some who celebrate Kwanzaa, those who want video games, baby dolls, new shoes or simply need a winter jacket.

Sponsors will chose one (or more!) specific child to sponsor and ensure that child is celebrated for the season!



Similar to the Angel Tree program, sponsors will have the ability to chose a child that they would like to sponsor (maybe you want to shop for a little girl who celebrates Christmas and wants a baby doll, or maybe you’d prefer a young man living in a group home who likes LeBron James). Sponsors will shop for their child using a wishlist that we provide with their wishes and needs. We are recommending that sponsors spend about $100 (more is fine, too!) on each child. This is a lot of money for some so we encourage you to use your own social media network, your employee group or your own family members (everyone could bring something to Thanksgiving dinner for the child!) to help make this possible for a local child!

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As we speak, social workers are gathering information for wishlists of the children we will serve. Children needing sponsors for the holidays will be available to be sponsored towards the end of October. During November your shopping can commence! There will be a large drop off event on December 1st in the City of Richmond where gifts can be delivered. For those unable to make this drop off event, gifts can be dropped of during the week of November 26-30th during business hours of 9-5 at a specific drop off location (to be announced).

Throughout the month of December, social workers will deliver gifts to ensure they are there in time for the holidays!